Conference IDD

May 25 – 26. ESNE – University School of Design, Innovation and Technology

ESNE, as a University School specialized in Design, that has been ground-breaking in the creation of official degrees leading into expanding professions, is in itself a place for the study, research and experimentation of Learning Methodologies in Design Education. To some extent ESNE should be seen as a design teaching laboratory where future designers are trained with the best specific and cross-disciplinary education.

Being particularly interested in new challenges in design education, last year ESNE launched the I Seminar on Teaching Innovation. Also, aware of the relevance of scientific research, the school had previously organized different conferences, such as the V International Conference of Audiovisual Researchers in April 2014, the I International Conference on Art and Video Game Design and Development in the Creative Industries in May 2015, and the I International Conference on Dual Design, celebrated in April 2015.

We are convinced that this topic deserves to be discussed thoroughly, hence this year we have decided to blend together different approaches and celebrate the next International Conference on Innovation in Design Education.

We strongly believe that Higher Education at Universities must provide the students with all the resources they need to successfully apply knowledge in a practical way once they have finished their studies.

The design of learning methodologies requires an effort towards renovation and the adaptation to the current markets and the society of the 21st century. Now the students can use new tools and personal learning structures; they have become more skilful in new directions and develop complementary interests since they are actually quite young. Yet they do experience other problems emerging from the dispersion produced by the speed and immediacy inherent in this current world, as well as from the vast amounts of information they constantly receive.

It is the duty of the people responsible for the design of the academic programs, their contents and teaching methodologies, to understand what are the main characteristics and nature of the students. Since we live in a changing environment, and it will have to evolve according to prospective needs, it seems relevant that innovation would be extended towards the education context.

For all these reasons ESNE is proud to offer, to all of those who work in an environment devoted to design education, the opportunity to share experiences and research results that can contribute to improve successfully on the training of future designers.


Adela Acitores Suz, Congress director